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Transport manager

The “secret” of the cooperative nature of Easting is its exceptional diligence and responsibility perfectly in tune with friendly and cosy environment, while strongest individual characteristics are revealed and tuned up with goals of the team, encouraging discussion and initiative. Please contact us and we will agree on an interview, during which we will discuss all possibilities of cooperation.

Tasks of the Transport manager:

  • Transport movement control;
  • Prompt communication with customers;
  • Resolution of operational problems;
  • Permanent communication with customers and partners;
  • Consultations provided to customers and preparation of offers;

Requirements for the Transport manager position:

  • Experience in transport/ logistics area;
  • Foreign language skills;
  • Ability to think and work independently;

Skills which we value in particular:

  • Quick orientation and response without delaying unpleasant or difficult situations;
  • Proactive and consistently managed communication;
  • Ability to perform tasks and seek for result independently without supervision;
  • Initiative in undertaking tasks, desire to improve and acquire new skills;
  • Ability and wish to share knowledge with less experienced colleagues;

What do we offer?

We will choose a position to match your strongest specialty/ competence.

  • Example 1: geographic direction: Germany – Lithuania; Italy – Lithuania; Lithuania – NVS; etc.
  • Example 2: type of logistics: air transport manager; distribution in Lithuania; other.

We will draw up a personal career plan:

  • Standardized performance indicators;
  • Base (guaranteed) salary growth plan;
  • Clear and simple bonus system;
  • Career plan to the department head.

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International carriage? Customs services? Freight distribution?

We will choose groupage cargo logistics solution depending on your specific needs.

During business hours, we respond to inquiries promptly, usually within 1 hour (working hours).

Ieva Jankūnaitė

Easting Sales Coordinator