Air freight

Transportation by air is first of all perceived as the fastest but expensive method of freight delivery. The modern air transport infrastructure allows choosing speed or reducing delivery price depending on priority.

Methods of transportation

1. Express: shortest delivery time; first possible route; priority transactions. 2. Economy: route depending on price; airport to airport; favourable for freight of larger volume. 3. Combined: air - land transportation; even more cost effective; favourable for freight of larger volume.

Stage 1
Pickup of freight from the shipper.
Stage 2
Freight consolidation in the airport of the dispatch country.
Stage 3
Transportation airport to airport.
Stage 4
Freight de-consolidation.
Stage 5
Freight delivery to the end user.

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Frequently asked questions

We transport freight by air from all cities of the world, which have an airport.

Transit time is calculated from freight dispatch from the first airport:

Standard service – 7-9 working days.

Express service – 3-5 working days.

After the delivery of the freight to dispatch airport and performance of customs procedures, freight is shipped within 1-3 working days (may depend on the season and airport congestion).

Essentially all types of freight (including hazardous).

Before dispatch, the shipper must present all freight and their safety-related documents for inspection.

Rail transport is an alternative for transporting freight from China.

Transit time from dispatch station in Suzhou to Vilnius is 18 calendar days.

This is faster than by sea and cheaper than by air.

Yes. We ship freight to all major airports of the world with a possibility to deliver them to the door of the ultimate consignee.

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