Road freight

The term "less-than-truck-load", or LTL, describes the shipping of freight when an individual cargo takes up only a part of the trailer. This method allows effectively coordinating the shipment of various cargoes in a single vehicle. The minimum freight volume is not limited, while the maximum volume of a separate cargo must be at least less than a full trailer.

Freight consolidation

The aim of freight consolidation is the reduction of transportation costs and ensurance of supply frequency without increasing logistics costs. Usually this is called freight grouping or transportation of less-than-truckload.

Stage 1
Pickup of freight from the shipper.
Stage 2
Freight consolidation in the terminal of the dispatch country.
Stage 3
International transportation terminal to terminal.
Stage 4
Freight de-consolidation in Vilnius terminal.
Stage 5
Freight delivery to the ultimate consignee.

Best offers

  • VILNIUS > Lyon

    99 € per 1 CBM
  • VILNIUS > Verona

    70 € per 1 CBM
  • PARIS > Vilnius

    77 € per 1 CBM
  • BARCELONA > Vilnius

    77 € per 1 CBM
  • MADRID > Vilnius

    80 € per 1 CBM
  • ANCONA > Vilnius

    60 € per 1 CBM
  • FIRENZE > Vilnius

    60 € per 1 CBM
  • MILAN > Vilnius

    70 € per 1 CBM

Frequently asked questions

The main difference is that we do not do it all. We specialize and consistently develop exclusively less-than-truckload logistics products.

Consistent specialization ensures the following:

  1. Perfectly polished processes ensuring reliability.
  2. Large freight flow ensuring best terms.
  3. The scope and specialization ensuring a possibility to arrange logistics at low cost.

Our less-than-truckload lines serve most of Europe.

However, we always distinguish our competitiveness transporting freight from/to Southern European countries: Italy; Spain; France.

Extensive experience, knowledge and market share allows us offering exclusively competitive services.

Yes, we transport LTL freight of different volume.

From a small box to a freight, the volume of which is at least a little less than a full trailer.

Yes, if necessary, we can also professionally arrange transportation of FTL freight.

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