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Our networks of cross-docking terminals have encompassed the entire Italy. Freight is collected from shippers every working day. The dispatch of groupage freight from Italy is guaranteed and regular. We have developed the Italian groupage freight line consistently and purposefully.

Best offers

  • ANCONA > Vilnius

    60 € per 1 CBM
  • FIRENZE > Vilnius

    60 € per 1 CBM
  • MILAN > Vilnius

    70 € per 1 CBM

Frequently asked questions

Freight is collected from suppliers each working day throughout Italy. 

Freight leaves from most active industrial and trade regions:  

Lombardy, Veneto, Reggio Emilia – on a regular schedule, two times per week (on Tuesday and Friday) they are dispatched from Italy.

Departures from the remaining part of Italy are made on a regular schedule, once per week (on Friday).  

From most active industrial and trade regions, namely, Lombardy, Veneto, Reggio Emilia, fright must be prepared at least 1 working day before shipping it from Italy according to the schedule (departure: Tuesday and Friday).

From the remaining part of Italy - 1 w.d. to 3 w.d. before dispatch (depending on a specific region).

Standard service: departure on Friday – delivery on Wednesday: Vilnius, Kaunas. Other cities – delivery on Thursday.

Express service departure on Tuesday – delivery on Friday of the same week: Vilnius, Kaunas.

Express service departure on Friday – delivery on Monday / Tuesday: Vilnius, Kaunas.

Our Express service transport goes for delivery with two drivers, who drive in turns, therefore shortening delivery time.  

Such transport arrives from Italy to Lithuania within an average of 48 hours. 

Yes, we arrange special express departures.

In such cases, transport is not tied to standard schedule, but departs immediately after collecting the freight.  

Yes, Easting network ensures a possibility to choose where to draw up an export declaration: in Italy or Lithuania.

In both cases, having ordered export registration, the client will no longer have to worry about that.

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Ieva Jankūnaitė

Easting Sales Coordinator